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1/16/2105 What to do if your email gets hacked (and how to prevent it)
New report: DHS is a mess of cybersecurity incompetence
1/25/2015 Adobe gets second Flash zero-day patch ready 2 days early!
1/24/2015 Classic Shell--Make Windows 8 look more like Windows 7
The Brave New World of Windows 10
Could Microsoft's Foggy Windows 10 Plan Be Any Smarter?
Microsoft Just Handed Us Our Holographic Future
How to set up a coax (MoCA) network
Adobe Flash Player--Official Download Site
Download Apache Open Office
Adobe Flash Player Support Center
Google discloses three severe vulnerabilities in Apple OS X
What Is the Difference: Viruses, Worms, Trojans, and Bots?
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
K9 Web Protection Internet Filtration/Parental Control Software
avast! Anti-Virus for Android
Clean Master (Speed Booster) for Android
Free service gives decryption keys to Cryptolocker victims
1/23/2015 Adobe to release patch next week for "critical" Flash zero-day under attack
1/22/2015 Flash zero-day flaw under attack to spread adware, botnet
1/17/2015 The ultimate iPhone 6 drop test... from space
Texas May Be Ground Zero for Musk's Hyperloop Dreams
The Google Glass Project: What did we learn?
Install the latest Windows 8.1 Update
Repair an Office Application
Remove and reinstall iTunes and related software components
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
What to do if an email was incorrectly marked as spam in Yahoo! Mail
1/16/2015 Hackers dump over 30,000 confidential client emails...
Elon Musk donates $10M to keep AI beneficial
Stratasys continues push into medical with 3D printer for digital dentistry
Apple has a serious problem with software quality
The software and services Apple needs to fix
What is csrss.exe?
Jimmy Kimmel gets people to give him their passwords
Zombie Cookie: The Tracking Cookie That You Can t Kill
Firefox 35 Adds 'Hello' Video Chat Service
A Battery to Prop Up Renewable Power Hits the Market
How much free storage space does your smartphone really have?
CES 2015: cooking up robots that cook
Apple, Google offer $415 million to settle antipoaching suit
Information on DNS Changer Malware (PDF)
How to fix DNS Changer Malware
1/12/2015 Protect your computer with a password (Windows 7)
US military social-media accounts hacked
CEO Leslie Moonves Explains CBS Streaming Strategy
Grandad tries to fix frozen computer with hairdryer
The year of the cord-cutter starts at CES 2015
Net neutrality takes new twist as Congress appears ready to step in
What maintenance do I need to do on my Mac
Remove Sweetpacks Toolbar Virus (Instructions)
Sweetpacks Toolbar Virus Removal Instructions
Active@Killdisk--Warning! Completely erases hard drive
1/10/2015 Verizon warns enterprise cloud users of 48-hour shutdown
Google Outs Unpatched Windows 8.1 Kernel Flaw
Did you visit HuffPo last week? You might have a virus
Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Microsoft's 'Spartan' browser: More details leak
1/5/2015 Display iPhone photos to an HDTV directly from your iPhone
WiFi Photo Transfer
A Self-Adjusting Smart Belt: Yes, It s Come to This
Rest up in a "Doctor Who" Tardis bed for sleepy Time Lords
Hackers Give Touch ID the Finger
K9 Web Protection (Free for home use, registration required)
Google Chrome Download
Solutions for Java Instability Issues
I get redirected to different websites or see popups on my Mac
Compare prices for books in Google Chrome (Corrected link)
John Cleese "Compaq Portable 2 compared to a fish" video
Mac Anti-Virus Software Review (PDF, from AV Comparatives)
General Information About Cryptolocker Virus (Wikipedia)
Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free
Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Services
Recover Corrupt SD Card -- iSkysoft
1/3/2015 Grandpa makes Death Star fire pit for granddaughter, and you too
Apple facing lawsuit over shrinking iPhone and iPad storage
K9 Web Protection (Free for home use)
FCC plans to vote on Net neutrality in February
Official Chinese media advises users to accept Gmail blocking
How to reset Internet Explorer settings
China is Planning to Purge Foreign Technology...
Microsoft ready to show off Windows 10 mobile SKU on January 21
Download Microsoft Security Essentials (Windows 7/Vista)
How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8
Netgear Wireless Range Extenders
World Antivirus Market Share (January 2014)
Change Comcast Arris TG862 WiFi Password
How to insert video into a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation
Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac (Home Edition)
Avast Antivirus for Mac
US imposes sanctions on North Korea over Sony hack
The Halting Progress of Mind-Controlled Robot Tech
1/2/2015 Lizard Squad launches DDoS tool that lets anyone take down online services
Facebook Video: How To Disable Auto-Play
How to turn on login approvals on Facebook
Facebook Boosts Security With App Passwords, Trusted Friends
Sony insider -- not North Korea -- likely involved in hack, experts say
Facebook Mobile Users: Beware The Autoplay Videos Eating Up Your Data Plan
Google Picasa Photo Editing Program
Who s on my WiFi?
Comcast sued by customers for turning routers into public hotspots
12/27/2014 Netflix's Very Big Deal
Microsoft hits Windows tech support scammers with lawsuit
"The Interview" online release: Industry revolution or total fluke?
Open Office Download
Court reaffirms: Think before you email
Which Stars Will Shine Brightest in Apple's Brilliant 2015?
iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format
Uninstall Adobe Flash Player
Both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network downed by (supposed) DDOS attacks
Linksys EA6900 Wireless Router
12/23/2014 Apple updates Macs for first time without asking -- to foil hackers
12/20/2014 Carmine Filloramo Corporate Photography
PhotoSynthesis -- Photographic Arts And Services Center
MyPublisher Photo Books
UConn makes 3-D copies of antique instrument parts
FCC proposal removes hurdle for online TV providers
ISS astronaut needs a wrench, NASA successfully "emails" him one
First 3D LED printer could print heads-up-display contact lenses
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
Adobe Photoshop Elements
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Shockwave Flash Constantly Crashing In Firefox
12/13/2014 Sixth Annual Santa at Sloper With Southington Bluegrass
Digital driver s licenses come with one small (big) problem
Apple admits to deleting your iPod music (because confusion)
Comcast sued for launching public Wi-Fi hotspots from customers routers
How to use System Restore In Windows 7
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
How to clear the Firefox cache
11/22/2014 Malwarebytes run-time error 383 solution
Frontier Communications Residential High Speed Internet Information
How to back up Windows Vista #1
How to back up Windows Vista #2
Russian Site Exposes Thousands of Private Videocam Streams
Download alert: Nearly ALL top 100 Android, iOS paid apps hacked
Fix the about:blank homepage issue
Classic Shell -- Make Wondows 8 look more like Windows 7
11/8/2014 Foodini: Presto Chango, Your Dinner Is Printed
Microsoft Kicks Windows 8 to the Curb
How to clean a browser hijack from my iMac?
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Russian Cyberspies Caught With Mittens in Cyber Cookie Jar
11/7/2014 Apple neuters iOS WireLurker trojan, researchers find a Windows version
11/6/2014 Surprise: Google Glass May Obstruct Your Vision
Amazon debuts Siri-like digital assistant Echo for your home
Remove WiseEnhance Ads and WiseEnhance Deals (Removal Guide)
How to rotate your computer screen
How to remove adware from Mac
Google closes $3.2 billion purchase of Nest
Google s Nest partners up with utility company on smart thermostats
158 new malware created EVERY MINUTE
Feds investigate Homeland Security background checker security breach
After Snowden slams Dropbox (twice), CEO responds...
How to get rid of Adchoices
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Green Monster e-Cycling
ooma Telephone Device


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