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12/13/2014 Sixth Annual Santa at Sloper With Southington Bluegrass
Digital driver s licenses come with one small (big) problem
Apple admits to deleting your iPod music (because confusion)
Comcast sued for launching public Wi-Fi hotspots from customers routers
How to use System Restore In Windows 7
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
How to clear the Firefox cache
11/22/2014 Malwarebytes run-time error 383 solution
Frontier Communications Residential High Speed Internet Information
How to back up Windows Vista #1
How to back up Windows Vista #2
Russian Site Exposes Thousands of Private Videocam Streams
Download alert: Nearly ALL top 100 Android, iOS paid apps hacked
Fix the about:blank homepage issue
Classic Shell -- Make Wondows 8 look more like Windows 7
11/8/2014 Foodini: Presto Chango, Your Dinner Is Printed
Microsoft Kicks Windows 8 to the Curb
How to clean a browser hijack from my iMac?
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Russian Cyberspies Caught With Mittens in Cyber Cookie Jar
11/7/2014 Apple neuters iOS WireLurker trojan, researchers find a Windows version
11/6/2014 Surprise: Google Glass May Obstruct Your Vision
Amazon debuts Siri-like digital assistant Echo for your home
Remove WiseEnhance Ads and WiseEnhance Deals (Removal Guide)
How to rotate your computer screen
How to remove adware from Mac
Google closes $3.2 billion purchase of Nest
Google s Nest partners up with utility company – on smart thermostats
158 new malware created EVERY MINUTE
Feds investigate Homeland Security background checker security breach
After Snowden slams Dropbox (twice), CEO responds...
How to get rid of Adchoices
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Green Monster e-Cycling
ooma Telephone Device
10/25/2014 Some Apple Pay Users Get Double-Billing and Double-Talk
Robots Gearing Up to Join Ebola Front Lines
Help for Windows 8 Update -- Touch screen not Working
Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive
Help for AT&T Booster Issues
Update Firefox to the latest version
HP Notebook PCs - Creating a Recovery Disk on a USB Flash Disk
What to Avoid in Dropbox-related Phishing Attack
10/22/2014 Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID
Google Two-Step Verification
How to fix Magic Jack 3002 error
iOS 8 Wi-Fi Connection Problems?
Apple Plans to Stop Selling Fitbit Devices in Stores
Watch out, HBO: CBS launches standalone Web TV service
Download Adobe Reader -- Official Website
Malwarebytes Chameleon -- Get Malwarebytes Installed and Running
A Cybersecurity Threat That Could Be Lurking On Your Phone
Hacked: The six most common ways non-tech people fall victim -- Get specs on any Mac
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Acronis True Image 2015 Drive Cloning Software
10/18/2014 Microsoft withdraws another buggy update
Delete Files Using Disk Cleanup (Windows 7)
Mallwarebytes Anti-Malware
Space Monger
Windows Directory Statistics
AmazonFresh expands grocery delivery to New York
How to clear cache in Internet Explorer 10
Classic Shell -- Make Windows 8 Look More Like Windows 7
10/11/2014 Tesla s Dual-Motor "D" Ready for Takeoff
Elon Musk: a Machine Tasked with Getting Rid of Spam Could End Humanity
Google to build Brazil-US fiber optic cable
Clean Master Speed Booster for Android
Update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8
Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller (Windows)
Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows
Apple tries to kill iWorm: Zombie botnet feasting on Mac brains
Desktop Operating System Market Share
K9 Web Protection/Internet Filter Software (Free For Home Use)
10/10/2014 AT&T fires insider for slurping customers social security numbers...
Windows 7 restarts after being shut down -- solution
Is this why Microsoft named it Windows 10?
Apple iOS 8 Adoption Tied With iOS 7
Amazon to open first physical store
Make Windows 7 remember window positions and size
Classic Shell -- Make Windows 8 Look Like Windows 7
Texas Hospital Blames EHR For Ebola Mishandling
FDA Aims to Shore Up Medical Device Cybersecurity
Lottery opens for first Toyota fuel-cell vehicle
Firefox browser window flickering/ blinking
Microsoft s RoomAlive Gaming Jumps Out of the Box
Elon Musk worries AI could delete humans along with spam
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
10/7/2014 AT&T fires employee who improperly accessed customer accounts
10/4/2014 Apple Shrinks Market for Stolen iPhones
So farewell then Lotus 1-2-3, spreadsheet extraordinaire
Marriott fined $600,000 by FCC for blocking guests Wi-Fi
Search bar - add, change and manage search engines on Firefox
Remove pop-up ads
Get a closer look at the Windows 10 Technical Preview (pictures)
Verizon backs off plans to throttle unlimited data users
Percentage of installed operating systems
10/3/2014 JPMorgan Chase says breach affected 83M customers
How to Avoid an iOS 8 Bug That’s Deleting iCloud Documents
Celebrities Victimized In The iCloud Naked Photo Hack Want To Sue Google
Microsoft Earns Forgiveness With Windows 10
Bash bug could leave IT systems in shellshock
Shellshock flaw leaves OS X, Linux, more open to attack
How to sync music to your iPod when your library is bigger ...
Understanding iOS device capacity
Teen hackers charged with stealing $100 million in Army, Microsoft tech
Mysterious Phony Cell Towers Could Be Intercepting Your Calls app for Android OS (Google Play Store)
Cisco, Oracle find dozens of their products affected by Shellshock
Webroot file rename fix
Download K9 Web Protection (Free for home use, required registration)
Play Pepper Panic Saga On Android And iPad
FAA warned about possible air traffic sabotage years ago
9/27/2014 iPhone 6 Bendgate: The End of Tight Jeans?
iPhone owners rip Apple over botched iOS update
How to Fix a Driver Power State Failure in Windows 8?
Fix Driver Power State Failure Error (Windows 8)
Sync Outlook Calendar With Google Calendar
Adobe Flash Player Removal
Download Windows Vista Service Packs
How to Sync Google and Outlook Calendars
D-Link DHP-306AV PowerLine AV Network Adapter
9/25/2014 Mozilla fixes phishing-friendly cryptographic bug
How to update Firefox web browser to the latest version
9/20/2014 When Apple met U2 and showed too much of the sausage making
Driving with an Apple Watch could land you with a Ł100 FINE
Microsoft s Safe $2.5 Billion Bet On Minecraft
iOS 8 also comes with bucket of security fixes
Clean Master Phone Boost for Android
Apple Watch s privacy details under scrutiny
Apple Fills iOS 8 Security Basket to Brim
How to delete files using disk cleanup (Vista)
Five tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1
How to reset your password
Bing Predicts correctly forecasted the Scottish Independence Referendum
9/18/2014 Adobe releases previously delayed patches for Reader and Acrobat
9/2/2014 Apple "actively investigating" iCloud link to celeb photo leak
After alleged iCloud breach, here s how to secure your personal cloud
Frequently asked questions about two-step verification for Apple ID
8/31/2014 Report: Apple iWatch Debuting Sept. 9 Alongside iPhone 6
8/30/2014 Facebook Kills Another Proven Tool For Brands To Promote Pages
Facebook: Stop Auto-Play Videos While Using Mobile Connection
How to disable auto-play for videos in Facebook for iOS
Facebook Video: How To Disable Auto-Play (All Platforms)
AVG Antivirus for Mac
Is massive DNS hack responsible for Charter Internet outage?
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
eFax -- Fax from your computer
How Google Fiber is disrupting the broadband deployment model
How to enable or disable cookies in Firefox
8/29/2014 Apple iPhone 6 event officially set for Sept. 9
Buying a laptop for college? Don t buy it on campus.
Organic Reach on Facebook: Your Questions Answered
Troubleshoot printing problems (InDesign)
Download Adobe Flash Player (Official Site)
FBI investigates hack of JPMorgan, other US banks
JPMorgan bank could be hackers latest victim
Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac -- Run Windows on Mac
How to open ZIP files on Mac
USB 2.0-to-IDE/SATA Drive Adapter
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
8/25/2014 Apple will replace your defective iPhone 5 battery for free
8/22/2014 Researchers find way to hack Gmail with 92 percent success rate
Nuclear regulator hacked 3 times in 3 years
Six ways to secure your vulnerable network router
How to Reset an Administrator Account s Password in OS X
How to Reset an Administrator Account s Password in OS X
Download Firefox Web Browser
K9 Web Protection Free Parental Control/Web Filter
TAB Computer Systems Patrol Dog MX Web Defense
Connecticut Technology Action Project--Assistive Technology
Vision Dynamics--Low Vision Solutions
Dell V310 Printer Driver (64 -bit Windows 7)
How to make Google always open search result links in new tabs
Virtual Private Network Definition
Print to LPT1 from DOSBox
Print To A DOS Box from a local printer (Tom s Hardware)
8/16/2014 Siri Creators Have a Much Smarter Bun in the Oven
Creator of the Internet pop-up ad apologizes for "hated tool"
Microsoft preps Windows "Threshold" preview for late September
Hackers nab 1.2B passwords in colossal breach, says security firm
Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery Services
IBM s TrueNorth processor mimics the human brain
SHS Marching Band 1st Annual Mattress Fundraising Sale
How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
Can I train Google Voice Actions to better recognize my voice?
FCC Comments Page/Net Neutrality
Automatically diagnose and fix Skype audio and webcam issues
EaseUS Todo Backup Free
EaseUS Disk Copy Home Edition
Origami expert, NASA researchers fold solar arrays for space
Tennessee firm blames bank for $193K cybertheft
Malwarebytes Chameleon -- Fix Problems With Malwarebytes Not Working
If the Internet Could Speak: "I m Melting! Melting!"
8/2/2014 Facebook goes down; Facebookers call cops
Verizon 4G LTE users to be subject to "Network Optimization"
Troubleshoot MSVCR80.DLL Problems With iTunes, Article 1
Troubleshoot MSVCR80.DLL Problems With iTunes, Article 2
Troubleshoot Sidebar Gadgets Not Working
Are PCs dead?
Use the Resultant Set Of Policy Snap-In
How To Perform an HP System Recovery (Laptops with UEFI)
Would you buy a self-driving car?
8/1/2014 Google fixes Android s Fake ID security hole
7/29/2014 BlackBerry acquires Secusmart, ups voice security ante
Apple s iPhone 6 could be NFC capable, report says
Majority of large ISPs now using monthly data caps, GAO says
How to fix iPhone WiFi connectivity issues
iOS: Wi-Fi settings grayed out or dim
OKCupid Plays With Love in User Experiments
OkCupid reveals it s been lying to some of its users.
Office 2010 Service Pack 2
FaceTime isn t working: 11 great FaceTime troubleshooting tips
NASDAQ IT security spend: $1bn. Finding mystery malware on its servers
How to use MSCONFIG in Windows 7
Space Monger Disk Space Visualizer
7/28/2014 Microsoft Security Essentials
Android s phone wiping fails to delete personal data
Andro Shredder Android Erase App
The best way to completely wipe your Android device
The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor s Home
Reinstall ISATAP Adapter Instructions
7/26/2014 LittleBits circuits now let kid geniuses hook up to the Internet
Microsoft explains quantum computing so even you can understand
Windows Easy Trasfer Utility
Google will fix the battery-eating "bug" in its Chrome browser
US Social Security Adminstration Spent nearly $300M on boondoggle
SHS Marching Band Fundraiser
Apple smacked with privacy sueball over Location Services
Patent Tips Apple s iWatch Hand
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter
7/19/2014 Amazon is a hornet s nest of malware
City gets a "No Cell Phones" walking lane, for now
Germany "may revert to typewriters" to counter hi-tech espionage
Microsoft to close Xbox Entertainment Studios
E-ZPass drivers warned about Phishing scam
Skiddies turn Amazon cloud into "crime-as-a-service" – security bod
Description of the Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows XP
Customers Excited About Blackberry Passport…
How to completely remove printer drivers in Windows 7
GoTenna Wireless Communication Device
The GoTenna Will Let You Communicate Without Any Connectivity
K9 Web Filter/Parental Control Software
Hauppauge USB TV Tuner
Chinese hackers take command of Tesla Model S
7/16/2014 Russian hackers breach CNET, steal one million usernames, passwords…
7/12/2014 Amazon allowed kids to spend millions on in-app purchases, FTC says
Tiny Spectrometer Tells You Exactly What You re Eating
Microwave Will Count the Calories in Food You Nuke
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes final scene was directed over Skype
Infected Chinese inventory scanners ships off logistics intel
Reading Rainbow Finds Pot of Gold
How to Remove the Toolbar From Your Browser
Pono Music
K9 Web Protection/Internet Filter (Free for home use, registration needed)
Recover lost or missing Bookmarks in Firefox
Add or Remove Startup Programs In Windows 7
How to create a Minecraft server
7/10/2014 New Adobe Flash Security Hole Means It s Time to Update Again
7/5/2014 Goldman Sachs asks Google to delete confidential email sent by mistake
Right to be forgotten leads Google to conceal stories from UK media sites
Java support over for Windows XP
How Facebook conducts experiments on your emotions
K9 Parental Control/Web Filter (Free for home use)
History of Microsoft Flight Simulator (Wikipedia)
Critics blast Microsoft s takedown of No-IP domains
Breathe new life into dusty vinyl by digitizing your LPs (the right way)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
6/28/2014 Google Glass fans warned: Don t forget about privacy
German government to drop Verizon because of U.S. spying
Google s GAL Makes Glowing I/O Debut
Send Bitcoin or we ll hate-spam you on Yelp, say crims
Freeze, Glasshole! Stop spying on me at the ATM
Ford to use wearables to improve health and safety in cars
Hacker puts "full redundancy" code-hosting firm out of business
K-Lite codec pack
For your ears only: Startup wants to 3D-print custom earbuds
Remove Snap.Do toolbar and
Microsoft explains roots of this week s Office 365 downtime
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Filter (Requires registration)
What Everyone Gets Wrong in the Debate Over Net Neutrality
Windows 7 Update Error
6/21/2014 Apple Gets Ready to Tell Consumers Why They Want a Smartwatch
Southfield Green Condo
iWatch may sport different styles
Samsung to launch Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O
Project Free TV
2014 Release of Creative Cloud launch keynote
6/19/2014 Hacker puts "full redundancy" code-hosting firm out of business
6/17/2014 Vulnerability Affects All Versions of Microsoft Antimalware Software
6/16/2014 June updates cripple some customers Office 2013
Russian hacker engineered dazzling worldwide crime spree
Firefox Web Browser (Click the green "Free Download" Button)
Error: Windows Explorer has stopped working
K9 Web Protection (Free for home use, registration required.)
TAB Patrol Dog MX Web Defense
How To Clear Your Cache In Firefox
P.F. Chang s Reverts to Carbon-Copy Credit Card Machines After Data Breach
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac
Cloud Computing Users Are Losing Data, Symantec Finds
mSecure Password Manager for iOS devices
Tesla Motors offers all its patents for good faith use
mSeven Software Secure Password Managers
6/14/2014 Bank of Montreal ATM hacked with weak password
Paraplegic kicks off World Cup with mind-controlled exoskeleton
Will Microsoft bring Cortana to iOS and Android?
Comcast Is Turning The US Into Its Own Private Hotspot
Error Message "Your browsers cookie functionality is turned off" in Firefox
Hackers behind iPhone ransom attacks arrested in Russia
Windows Easy Transfer
Classic Shell
Belkin Easy Transfer Cable
IEEE 802.11 (Wireless Networking) Standards
How To Get Rid Of Ask Toolbar
FCC to investigate Netflix-Verizon spat
6/7/2014 Kickstarter Reading Rainbow Campaign - LeVar Burton
Open and close the CD-ROM door by pressing a key combination
Reports: Apple s iWatch Coming This October
CC Witness Radio Recorder
Apple May Connect the Smart Home of Your Dreams
Troubleshoot spinning beach ball (Mac OS X)
How to Uninstall Flash Player (Windows)
Install Adobe Flash Player
IE Tab Add-On For Firefox
IE Tab Extension for Chrome
5/31/2014 Apple s WWDC kicks off June 2: What to expect
Replace Windows 8 with Windows 7 or a look-alike
How to do a System Image Backup (Windows 8.1)
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
NoScript Add-On for Firefox--Prevent Unwanted Pop-Ups
Adblock Plus -- Prevent Unwanted Ads
Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (for owners of Norton Antivirus)
K9 Web Filtration/Parental Control Software
How to defend against Apples Oleg Pliss iCloud attack
How to set a passcode on an iOS Device
5/29/2014 Cyberattack that locked Apple devices in Australia reaches U.S.
5/28/2014 Australian Apple devices hacked and held to ransom
5/24/2014 Skycorp will try to awaken NASA s 1978 sleeping satellite
Government gag orders violate free speech, tech giants contend
Microsoft challenges FBI gag order -- and wins
NASA Gives Space Archeologists OK to Put Old Craft Back to Work
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Why the next bond you own may be Apple or Google
Create A User Account In Windows 8
5/21/2014 eBay hacked, requests all users change passwords
5/17/2014 Crave Ep. 160: Coming soon, commuting via Aero-X hoverbike
FDA Gives Thumbs-Up to "Luke" Prosthetic Arm
Log-in outage hobbles Adobe s Creative Cloud
Adobe blames "maintenance failure" for 27-hour outage
Apple sued over disapearing iMessage texts sent to Android users
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download
Example Verizon "Phising" email messages
Startup Repair: Frequently Asked Questions (Windows Vista)
How to disable Javascript in Firefox 29
NoScript Add-On For Firefox
Adblock Plus
Google Voice: The ultimate how-to guide
5/14/2014 Adobe patches critical flaws in Reader, Acrobat, Flash Player
5/10/2014 Raspberry Pi glasses and the rise of DIY wearables
Fixya users highlight the common problems with their smartwatches
Flip Player (Play Windows Media on Mac systems)
USB 2.0 to IDE/SATA Hard Drive Adapter
Switch 101: Migrate to Mac
Apple s iPhone 6 set for August unveiling, report says
Switch to Mac: Buying your first Mac
5/3/2014 How to find your car with Google Now
A weaponized iPhone? Aussie customs seizes fakes that deliver a shock
iOS 7 doesn t encrypt email attachments
Florida commuter s illegal jammer blocked more than cell talkers
Micro Brings 3D Printing to the Mainstream
AOL Users Waiting to Exhale
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Direct Download Link)
K9 Web Protection (Free for home use, registration required)
10 Clever Laptop Cooling Solutions
How to Clean Your Laptop
5/2/2014 Serious security flaw in OAuth and OpenID discovered
5/1/2014 Internet Explorer Gets Its Security Patch, and So Does Windows XP
4/29/2014 AOL asking users to change passwords after discovering breach
4/28/2014 Adobe Update Nixes Flash Player Zero Day
Microsoft Races To Fix Massive Internet Explorer Hack
Stop using IE until bug is fixed, says US
4/26/2014 ANU lens turns smartphone cameras into microscopes
Google Glass becomes available to everyone, promptly sells out
Chinese Company Creates 3D-Printed Houses
Meet the next-gen USB cable that could sweep away all others
Facebook, Gmail, Skype face Russia ban
Comcast E-Mail Transfer Tool
MakerBot 3D Printing
4/22/2014 Slew of AOL email accounts fall prey to spoofing attack
4/20/2014 Obamacare website flagged in Heartbleed review
4/19/2014 How to Reset A Windows 8 Password
Microsoft Security Essentials
Microsoft: Windows Defender splats 1000s of WinXP, Server 2k3 PCs
How to Remove PUP.Optional.Tarma.A virus (Removal Guide)
Southington Brass Blast Cancelled This Year
4/12/2014 It may be ILLEGAL to run Heartbleed health checks – IT lawyer
In France, some workers win right to unplug after work
Call of Duty "fragged using OpenSSL s Heartbleed exploit"
Canada halts online tax returns in wake of Heartbleed
Southington Brass--The Brass Blast
Southington Brass--The Brass Blast (Corrected Link)
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP/Vista
Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to Heartbleed Bug
The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now
4/11/2014 Apple s iOS, OS X immune to Heartbleed but not BBM for iOS and Android
LastPass Heartbleed Website Checker
4/10/2014 Heartbleed bug undoes Web encryption, reveals Yahoo passwords
How to protect yourself from the "Heartbleed" bug
Which sites have patched the Heartbleed bug?
4/5/2014 Cortana Reports for Windows Phone 8.1 Duty
Unusual and odd uses for 3D printing
Nest halts smoke alarm sales, citing glitch
5-year-old finds Xbox security flaw, becomes Microsoft researcher
Windows 7 -- Choosing a network location
Clock Counting Down on Windows XP Support
Are Windows 7 PCs a dead end for business?
How to remove malware
Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Direct link to download)
Windows Easy Transfer for Window XP/Vista to Windows 7
Importing/Exporting Data In Libre Office
3/29/2014 Official "Star Trek" beer lets you drink like a Klingon
Lenovo Battery Recall Information
Fix Firefox Hangs When Bookmarks Are Clicked
Carter uses snail mail to evade NSA
3D printed drone ushers in era of disposable aircraft
Lenovo begins global recall for fire hazard ThinkPad batteries
The Internet Of Things
How to take a screen capture in Windows 8
How to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7
Five tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1
3/22/2014 Restaurant uses parachutes, PayPal to deliver sandwiches
Google Wants E-Mail Scanning Information Blocked
Ford CTO talks solar, self-driving cars, and apps that order pizza
Microsoft sniffed blogger s Hotmail account to trace leak
Southington Cyberknights Robotics Team
How to clear saved passwords in Internet Explorer
How to clear saved passwords in Firefox
K9 Web Protection/Parental Control Software
3/15/2014 Nikon 1 V3
Adobe Photoshop CC
25 Years: How the Web began
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
Google Chromebook
How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8
Chicago-based Calumet Photographic closes U.S. stores
Windows XP End-of-Support
Windows Easy Transfer
3/8/2014 Robotic arm gives amputee drummer better beats
China to Test Drone s Smog-Clearing Powers
Transformer-like suit lets you lift 110 pounds -- with each hand
How to activate Windows Defender in Windows 8
College Student s Facebook Folly Could Cost $80K
Constructing an iMovie project
ComboFix Malware Removal Tool (Experts Only)
HP Probook 4540s Wireless Problem - Possible soluton
How to reset Internet Explorer proxy settings
AdBlock Plus Internet Explorer
Active@Killdisk --WARNING! Erases Hard Drive
3/3/2014 Remove Conduit Virus
K9 Web Protection Web Filter/Parental Control Software
NoScript Add-On For Firefox Web Browser
NoScript Add-On For Firefox Web Browser
Warning Unresponsive script - What it means and how to fix it
How to Hide Strikethrough Messages Marked for Deletion in Outlook
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP/Vista
Microsoft Security Essentials
Video: Backup Google Chrome Bookmarks
Back up Outlook data with Microsoft Personal Folders Backup Tool
The Best Portable Printers
Green Monster Recycling
Remove Cryptolocker Ransomware
3/1/2014 Identify theft tops consumer complaint list in 2013: FTC
The smartwatch: Tomorrow s must-have gear or a waste of time?
California Drivers Get Cell Phone Maps Back in Court Case
Capture every moment with wearable cameras
Linksys E1200 Wireless-N Router
Windows XP to live on in China
Calif. judges: No driving and texting, but yes to...
Inside the tiny Kansas town battling cable lobbyists
British spy agency stored Yahoo Webcam images, report says
Tim Cook advises climate change deniers to get out of Apple stock
Apple criticized for China supply chain pollution
Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - Prevent it from happening again
2/25/2014 Apple releases OS X 10.9.2, security updates for prior versions
2/23/2014 Apple security flaw could allow hackers to beat encryption
2/22/2014 Comcast-TWC Customers: Be Afraid, Very Afraid
Gigabit Internet Service Providers Challenge Traditional ISPs
Microsoft releases fix for Windows Update corruption errors
Fitbit Issues Voluntary Recall For Fitbit Force Due To Skin Irritation
FCC chairman proposes new net neutrality rules following Verizon decision
Netflix speeds lag for Verizon users amid dispute
Belkin patches vulnerabilities in WeMo devices
Malware Removal Guide for Win32.2UrFace.bho
AutoComplete not working correctly in Outlook 2010
"The User Profile Service failed the logon” error message
Apple security update fixes iOS vulnerability
2/20/2014 Adobe issues emergency--again
2/15/2014 Microsoft Accidentally Applies Chinese Censoring Outside of China
A Deep Dive Into New Scuba Tech
Microsoft extends date for OEM preloads of Windows 7 for business users
Five tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1
Make your own Windows home server OS
AdBlock Plus for Internet Explorer
Adblock Plus for Firefox
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP/Vista
Microsoft Office on iPad: It s alive and coming sooner than most think
Mozilla Thunderbird E-mail Program
Uninstalling Android Apps
Removing and reinstalling iTunes
Firefox: This connection is untrusted" message
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
No Script Add-On for Firefox
2/4/2014 Adobe releases critical emergency update for Flash Player
More than 180K Chrome users have installed ad-injecting extensions
2/1/2014 Authentication pushing password out to pasture
Morrison & Foerster on possible legal ramifications for Google Glass
1/29/2014 Spy Agencies Tap Data Streaming From Phone Apps
1/25/2014 ICE Goes Medieval on Glass-Wearing Moviegoer
ATMs could be compromised when Windows XP support ends
When Windows XP Dies, So Does Its "Microsoft Security Essentials"
How to format C: before reinstall Windows 7?
How to format C: before reinstall Windows 7?
Download Apache OpenOffice
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP/Vista
Export Firefox bookmarks to an HTML file to back up or transfer bookmarks
Cute PDF
Der Spiegel Articles on NSA Spying Scandal
Shopping for Spy Gear: Catalog Advertises NSA Toolbox
Smart refrigerators and TVs hacked to send out spam
1/18/2014 Target s data breach: No, really. It gets even worse
Passwords Flow Freely at Starbucks
Is Netflix A Loser Or Winner With End Of Net Neutrality?
Netflix neutrality: Court ruling won t boost your Netflix bill. Yet
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP or Vista
Five tools to bring the Start menu back to Windows 8.1
Download Apache OpenOffice (Free Office Suite)
1/16/2014 Security Updates for Windows, Java, Flash & Reader
1/11/2014 Authentication pushing password out to pasture
3D printer prices drop, food printers arrive at CES
Intel trumpets Android+Windows as "more choice"
Microsoft Office 2010 Starter Licensing Error Message Information
Morrison & Foerster on possible legal ramifications for Google Glass
CleanWipe Tool to Remove Symantec Endpoint Protection
Microsoft Security Essentials
Malwarebytes (Click on free version download)
K9 Web Protection Download
Southington Brass Blast 2014 Facebook PaGE
Suppor ending for Windows XP
Desktop Operating System Market Share
Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP
1/4/2014 No surprise: The NSA can hack iPhones
Report: Apple denies ever creating NSA backdoor to iPhone
Facebook faces lawsuit for allegedly scanning private messages
Apple, Cisco, Dell unhappy over alleged NSA back doors in their gear
How to be notified that your password has been stolen
CryptoLocker Crew Ratchets Up the Ransom
Cell Control
AdBlock Plus Add-On For Firefox
Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android
Intel Ultrabook
Intel Ultrabook
Intel Ultrabook Reviews
Intel Ultrabook 2-in-1
12/28/2013 For teens, Facebook is "dead and buried"
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
GoPro Cameras
How to stop CryptoLocker: prevent CryptoLocker stealing your data
Nikon D7100 In-Depth Review
Perfect Vision and Sound
Agptek 15M Waterproof 4-LED USB Endoscope Borescope Video Camera
Android: Flush DNS
Carmine Filloramo Corporate Photography


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